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BPM invites you to get involved, offline and online, in activities, discussions, thought pieces, events and generosity that are important to you and your community.  Looking for ways to give back this August and beyond? Check out our 2016 Participant Guide! 


Attend a philanthropy or community related event

Join us for Twitter chats by following the hashtag #BPM2016

Write an op-ed piece inspired by the theme: Elevating A Culture of Giving, especially those focused on philanthropy, community issues and African Americans

Join or start a giving circle in your community

Become a mentor

Host local civic engagement forums e.g., panel discussions, community conversations, etc. around topics/issues of local interest

Engage in a community service project

Amplify nationwide #BPM2016 efforts via social media

Share news and stories with newcomers to the concept of philanthropy and traditions of Black giving

Donate to a cause of interest


Recognition and celebration of Black Philanthropy Month is expanding! Here is a list of City/State BPM Proclamations: 

Charlotte, NC

Chicago, IL

Columbia, SC

Dallas, TX

Durham, NC

Greensboro, NC

Houston, TX

Kansas City, MO

Minneapolis, MN

Plano, TX

Prairie View, TX

Raleigh, NC

St. Paul, MN

State of Maryland

State of Minnesota

State of Virginia

Washington, DC


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Interested in becoming an official BPM Sponsor or Campaign Partner for #BPM2016?  Our supporters are vital in our pursuit to inform, inspire and invest in Black philanthropy during August 2016 and beyond.  We invite your participation and have a myriad of ways you can contribute to the campaign.  Please contact us at info@blackphilanthropymonth.com for more information.

Have an event you would like to share?

·        Tweet us your event using #BPM2016  

·        Tag your event and post to our Facebook page    

·        Submit your information below for consideration  

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Please provide 1) purpose of the event, 2) if it is public or private, 3) how to RSVP, 4) cost (if applicable), 5) website address, 6) social media information, 7) targeted number of event attendees and other specifics.